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Jim and Dawn-Rae Gray

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                      Bueno Chexinic

                                 Bueno Chex Kaweah

  Chex Are Wild       

                                     Zan Parr Express

                      Wild Rose Express

                                     Tivios Rose

                                              Windchesters Boy

                      Cal Bars Tres Bueno

                                     Tanya Red Leo

  Amigo Winchester JJ                               

                                     JJ Blue SA

                      Partly Blue

                                     Empress Patty

Chex Amigo

Gator is a man's man.  He is Jim's side kick and they enjoy each other's company!  It is true what they say that a horse is a mirror image of your soul.  Jim and Gator are two peas in a pod. 

DOB: May 30, 2006